Mettur & Thoothukudi FLY ASH

Shipping Charges Free(Min. of 10 metric tonns)
Price Buy More Pay Less!
Payment Modes Cash, Demand Draft, Net Banking
Delivery Period Nextday Delivery

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We supply fly ash obtained from Thoothukudi and Mettur Thermal power plants for mass projects,
RMCs and other bulk requirements at wholesale price.

  • Enhanced Durability
  • Superior Final Strength
  • Higher Flexural strength
  • Lower shrinkage of concrete
  • Helps in Reducing CO2 Emmissions and
  • Conserving non-renewable Resource of Lime stone
  • All types of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Complexes
  • Dams and other Mass Concrete Works
  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Concrete Roads and Flyovers
  • All Civil Structural Works
  • Ideal for use in Marine Constructions